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Space Time Aces

I Started to manage Local Bands back in 1983/4 in Deal in Kent inspired by seeing a Band at the Winter Gardens Margate Kent.

I was invited to Dinner by a friend of my girl friends whom he and his partner asked me about music likes. I said I liked any music so they showed me a Video of this Band they were mad about and were going to see at the Winter Gardens. When he put on the Video I could not believe it! It was friends of mine from Coventry who I had not seen for 8/9 years

I had gone to Rods wedding (Roddy Radiation) rod was the main Guitarist

& Terry (Terry Hall ) Fun Boy Three, lead singer we had gone around in a group together for many years into music David Bowie/Lou Reed/Patty Smith/Roxy Music

The Band were called the Specials my friend did not believe I new them.

So we went to the Gig at the Winter Gardens 1st Band on was the Bodysnatchers all Girl Group ( Some of them Went on to be (the Belle Stars) Then the Specials came on stage we were about 15ft from the front of the stage when the Specials started to play when Rod was looking down at the crowd & he pointed and said Jim Yarlett everyone is turning round as they think he was pointing to them he went over to Terry to point to me calling me to come forward everyone parted to allow me towards the stage Rod said to me

see you after the Gig we are staying at the Nayland Rock I said I had friends with me he said bring them along. As I went back to my friends

his face was a Dream mouth opened wide with disbelieve and when I said I have a surprise for you and told him we were going to the nayland rock after the Gig to talk to them he asked me if I would get their Autographs

that`s when I draw the Line I don`t do that.

So that was the start of my dream to be a Manager.............

1st Band Menu 7 nothing happened with them 2nd Band

Root Communication

introduced to me by Roy Fent Local DJ in Deal they were a Nigerian Band into Reggae attached to the Royal Marines in Deal Barracks Kent nr Dover played various venues in Kent with them then came Alcool Dapre a 4 piece band Paul Georgeson vocals/Bass Guitar ( Isingard ) Veronica Yarlett

Singing/Percussion (Menu 7) Andy Race Drums ( EK1 ) Isingard Pete Diffley

lead Guitar (Isingard) regular visitors on the Mike Brill show BBC Radio Kent

Sunday Evening slot 8pm to 10 pm many gigs aroung the Kent area.

Regularly featured on the Mike Brill show BBC radio Kent as well as sent of to all Record companies for our Big break which did not happen! The band split up Veronica Yarlett/Andy Race & Pete Diffley carried on Alcool Dapre with new band members( Seven in Total) Dave Murton Vocals /Paul Georgeson Keyboards/Chris Henley Bass went on to play many Gigs around Kent.

The Band broke up because of differences in music Alcool dapre carried on with Veronica Yarlett as Vocals Andy Race Drums & new member Barry Gibbons as he had his own recording Studio in Deal said he would like to get involved with what Andy Race & Veronica were doing then became Three the new Alcool Dapre. Barry Gibbons on Keyboards and every thing else that made a sound. We recorded a 12" EP 4 track 1000 pressed in total, I think I still have 300 in my loft our first ever record.

While this was happening Dave Murton/Pete Diffley/Chris Henley got together with Steve Casey Drummer to form Calling Kyle in which I managed we played in and around Kent as well as many London venues then going on a mini tour around Derby/Nottingham playing on the stage the night after Boom town Rats ( Bob Geldof ) at a freshers party trying very hard day in day out to get as many gigs as possible and radio play. The Melody Maker/NME/Stage & Television as well as Music Week

was the only link to the music world so constant reading and sending away demo`s to as many Record companies as possible always getting back the same old reply. I had even sent a demo to 1 company which I had put no music on still to get the same reply Its when I was disgusted to find the

A & R people din`t even bother to Listen to allot of Demo`s that were sent to them. With all that hard work the Bands had gone into to get it onto tape in the first place, very sad! But that did not stop us we were hard /tough & durable. I sent a tape to a add in the Melody Maker to

a PO box on Thursday the next day after the Melody Maker came out (Wednesday) I got a phone call on Friday saying they liked my singers Voice, but would the band be willing to do someone else`s song ? Well you try explaining that to a band we argued and argued all weekend until I persuaded them to do it I got a call back Sunday Evening for a answer

Yes I replied "great he said can you go to Record Shack in London to pick up some tickets for you and the singer and come to Paris on Tuesday. Paris swalling my tong nearly! some one will pick you up at the Airport

Ok see you Tuesday. I quickly phoned Murt to tell him the news.

When we arrived at Paris on Tuesday I had been pinching my own leg as this all seemed so unreal while we were on the Plane. A man was standing holding a board above his head Mr Yarlett as we approached him he said please to meet you we followed him out side as a Mecr was waiting we drove for about 15 min looking at the buildings and near to the leaning tower of pizza the merc stopped the driver got out and opened the doors for us, into the Building we went Scorpio Records we were taking into a room were two men said hi and Introduced them selfs J. MORALI / H. BELOLO / producers of Village people /Aritha Frankling & Urther Kitt and many more.We all sat down and talked about the band and what they would do for us and wanted us to come back on Friday to Introduce us to French TV & Radio. We then went to Lunch and thats when I saw Sacha Distelle & other Celebrities, we talked about other band member coming over on Friday and all I could think of was how are the going to get time off work!

We had a great lunch back to the record company, when we got back I was with Henri & Murt was with J. MORALI Henri said he would introduce me to all the record company staff in their company and as we were walking from the office to office on the walls were lots of Gold Discs I am still at this point still pinching my leg just in case I wake up at any time! but no this was for real.

We went back to his office and on the table was a Contract he said would you like to sign it I gulped is there a problem holding it in my hand looking through the pages not being able to take it all in only a there was a substantial sum of money figure on the contract I said I would like to show the others first He said ok bring it back on Friday (Biggest mistake in my life not to sign then) we talked more & more and I felt so relaxed and we were building bridges which was great he said we treat all our Artists the same,we will get you new cloths equipment & some were to stay etc Whal! I was in cloud 9 all I could think of was Ive done it Ive done it!...He then said the driver would take me to J Morali & Murt at that point I had only just realised he was not in the Building I picked up the Contract under my arm and left the building with a great big smile on my face. I got into the Merc and after about 10 min arrived at a large premises the driver opened the door and guided me towards the front of the building. I took a deep breath and it was like a six sence I felt that something was not right before the door was even opened. In I went there was this great big Glass

see through mirror I could see J morali and about five others with Murt in the corner standing by a mic J Morali arms waiving back and forth as you can imagine no sound just movement it seemed forever I was standing there. Then pointed J Morali to this man as if to play something back and he raised his arms as it looked like he had not recorded something raising his arms above his head and pointing, his mouth opening and closing he then pointed to murt and after about a minuete crossed his arms came rushing out of the studio and on seeing me standing there said sorry this is not going to work I tryed to calm things down by saying whats gone wrong

he replied he can`t sing the song as I want it sung I said we can do this he replied if he wants to be a Star he should be able to do it now! The pressure was to much. He said sorry the Limo will take you anywere you want and we will pick up the Bill J Morali said again Im sorry it has not worked my only thought was why had I not signed the Contract which would have put them in a position to give us more time to prepair ourselfs, well that was not the case I placed the unsighned Contract on the Desk and me & Murt went outside I said what do you want to do he replied lets go home. We were both gutted but that is life and one story of many to come on my journey.I felt so bad for Murt as he was on the front line during this whole meeting as I was so involved with Henri that Murt was not in my mind to be there for him when I was needed most....... The rest of the band were gutted it was not long after that we had a meeting at my house to discuss our future I was willing to sell my businesses to alow us to hit the road full time but was shocked that other members were more concerned about their jobs than the aim we all once shared. other bands followed during the Calling Kyle Era About Face from Folkestone On the Water Front Isle sheppey/Oktoba from thanet. I was working with Catch 22 from Dover/Thanet. I use to get regular phone calls from various bands asking if I would manage them but I was involved with too many as it was it was very hard being a one man band and still keeping everyone else in place from rehersals to gigs and radio/press awareness it was on going as well as trying to run my own busness that when I got involved in Filming my very 1st job besides filming the Bands was a Wedding not mine! with my best mate John Chetty he bought this JVC C video camera I picked it up and started fiming God! this looked so easy then my 1st assignment the Wedding I arrived at the Church camera at the ready filming the arrival of the quests and Groom went inside filmed the Church went back outside to film the groom and others by Church entrance the groom went back inside i followed well it was a very long day to say the least I was so glad to get back home then my worst nightmare had begone on looking at the wedding I noticed that the Brides dress was Blue not white as I was checking all the leads trying to pass the blame I was gobsmacked to see I had cocked up big time. (The Miracle) I was told about a Studio in Dover called The Fred Martin Studio`s on knocking the door a friendly face appeared can I help you with my camera in hand and C30 tapes we went inside it was darkish setting with lots of machines & equipment every were. I explaned what had happened and he replied you didn`t white balance your camera did you with a smile on his face , to my relieve he said we have all been their! we sat down next to this table he took the tape and placed it in this machine and sitting in front of the machine was this looked like a mixing desk pressed play the screen came on blueish and cold looking

tweeked a few buttons and abracadabra it was to my delight color corected as it is know in the busness and this was the start of many hours of editing and a great finished edited Video in which the bride & Groom loved. This was the starting of my filming Career as a Camera man every thing I was involved with video Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! I got involved with various other cameramen as a second camera operator.

Then in 1985 while working in Thanet I Filmed the Band Rubber Biscuit got to Know most of all the members as they were involved in other dramatic stage productions with Trevor Patient`s and Andrew Walton having there own sound & Pa company in Whitstable most of all the productions and summer schools I had filmed for them Trevor patient was a very good teacher and always got the best from his students, but he had know idea how to look after his own workers he was aragant rude and bad mannered always be-littleing them in front of others I was quit disgusted of his attitude so I wispered in his ear do not every talk to me like that or I will rip your head off we had a good understanding But he was very good at what he did so I would give him 100% in his work he upset many very talented people who had worked alongside him which was a shame as they new deep down he was very good so you had to admire him for how he was (good old Trevor). Then came my big break as I thought I was approached by a Management company if I would like to get involved with a singer from London whom had a song written for him by Richie wurmelin of Let Loose called "do You Love Me" and Elton John yes thee Elton John Lots of girls involved in the Video so myself & Del Lead singer of Oktoba/Juice/Umbrella Men helped me on the Film Shoot.The singers manager was Alan Kaminski whose uncle was thee Danny Kaye well thats anouther story later to come. After filming all the Footage over a period of time and lots of hours editing down in Thanet and I mean lots of 24hr editng sessions eyes being kept open with match sticks those were the days, we finally finished as how Myro`s wanted it he was the Singer of cource myself Myro & alan Kaminski

cellebrated by going up to London to a Launch great fun! Still keeping in constant contact hopeing something great was going to happen we waited & waited untill a got anouther phone call how would I like to go to America for 10 days.

Well bags packed here I come on arrival at New York Airport I was stopped by Customs re some very odd shaped items with wires on them in my bags on seeing these items on the x-ray I said they were Camera batteries on inspection they let me procceed only to be approached by a plain clothed police officer whom said please sir can you come with me my heart was beeting so fast I thought it was going to explode then from behind a display board out jumped Myro & Alan got you laughthing at my expression on my face that was a start of a great 10 days not to have been missed

what a great City "New York"

the story continues watch this


This was the man who could make it all happen representing many big names as Michael Jackson /Maddona & the Eagles and many more!

The meeting went really well Myro asked if he could play the Guitar which was up against the wall in the office and started to sing and play David Levin was very inpressed and after a while said he would represent Myro in New York I am sitting in this chair pinching myself yet again with disbalieve is this really happening or is it a dream but yes it was no dream I could only think to myself I have made it Ive made it in my mind. David Levin asked Myro & Alan when would the song & Video be complete they said in 2 months he said great he would get the ball rolling hear and a deal ready for Myro in New York we all went to get some food in a nearby bar this was three days into the ten what a start and at that time the song Fire Starter was very big in America charts all over TV and radio.

Bands Managed by JWY Management.

Alcool Dapres/ Calling Kyle/Catch 22/Petal falls/

On the Water Front/About face/Stella Jane/

Kaleidoscope/Root Communication/Umbrella Men


Bands worked with

Denigh/Tickled Pink/SLR/Berts Boogie Band/Winston & the Churchills/Gizmo

Alcool Dapres

News paper info

Since then I have been involved in filming many live music events in the UK and around London Status Quo/Mark Almond

Blue/Atomic Kitten/LibertyX etc...............  


On The water Front

Stella Jane